What Happens When You Have Lost Your Social Security Card

It is always an unpleasant and unnerving feeling when you realize you have lost your social security card. While there are several reliable means to avoid losing your card, the risk that you might still lose it remains. Imagine your social security number fell into the hands of criminals who use the information to steal your identity, which could land you in trouble with the state or federal police. Do not take any chances when you lose your Social Security card. You need to act fast by applying Form SS-5 and below are other simple things to do when you lose your Social Security Card.

Protect your Identity

Protecting your identity is the primary thing to do as it prevents criminals from using your Security number. Thieves/criminals can use your Social Security number to rack up debts or even apply for other credit cards using your personal information, which could significantly affect your credit score. Ensure you watch your credit reports closely to see if someone has used your Social Security number. You can request a copy of your credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com or national credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. In case you suspect your Security number is being used without your approval, file a complaint on IdentityTheft.gov or report to any of the national credit bureaus. Ensure the credit bureau has notified the other bureaus by placing a fraud alert on your credit report. You can also reach or call the Social Security Administration through the number 1-800-269-0271 and report the fraud. Applying For a Replacement Social Security Card. Once you have protected your identity, it now time to get a new Social Security card. You can visit the website for Social Security Administration and apply for a replacement for free.

Begin by creating a mySocialSecurity account if you meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a U.S Citizen
  • Must 18 years and above· Must have valid U.S mailing address
  • A valid State Issued ID or Driver’s License

Failure to meet the legal requirements above for online application, then you may need to apply through your local Social Security by submitting your replacement request in person or via mail. Remember, you can only apply for a replacement of Social Security card for a maximum of three times a year. Always keep your Social Security Card safe because you can only replace for a maximum of 10 times in a lifetime.

Ever Been a Victim of Social Security Identity Theft?If you have sufficient evidence that identity has been stolen, it is important that you request for a new Social Security number. Note that you cannot be given a new Social Security number if you fail to prove that the old number has been used illegally. You can use your credit report to list the various credit cards that you did not apply for. Another proof is a letter from the IRS notifying you about the rejection of your income tax filings if someone else has filed them already. The best way to avoid losing your Social Security card is by keeping it in a safe place in the house or office. You do not need to carry your Social Security card in your pocket or wallet.

Getting information from various platforms

Today most real estate agents and firms like http://www.liveloveathome.com/pa-listing-agent/ are utilizing social media for selling real estate properties to their potential buyers. They have identified powerful web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln that can make a better outreach. So, this has become an effective way to advertise properties for sale and helps their clients better.

Social media training helps them to overcome new challenges on selling or buying properties. Here are the top ten social media tips for real estate agents that help them to make the best sales:

Get Business Information on Social Media sites:

Not many clients know about a real estate agent unless they have talked to them. Hence, the agent should maintain social media profile with property listing that can help him to reach more number of people.

Getting information via word of mouth:

Getting help from social media experts may help real estate agents to propagate information via social media. They can easily reach their potential clients through these sites. Understanding and appreciating the relevance of the sale can make them referred to other prospects.

Using Postcards and brochures on other popular sites:

A simple training can make you understand how brochures and postcards are optimized in these popular sites. Then, clients can easily evaluate the value of the property by analyzing the resource they have from you.

Utilizing Social Media site:

The social media training will help every estate agent on how to utilize social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linkedln. Because these social sites are utilized by millions of users every day that help the agents to easily connect with them and offer what they have.

Generating Online Leads:

An interested seller or buyer will contact real estate professionals using social media sites. If they truly desire to close a sale, they can contact you by using the information provided in the prospects.

Utilizing Blogs:

After receiving knowledge from social media experts, real estate agents may also create blogs for their websites. This may help them to obtain more traffic for their site. These social media experts may also teach them good content marketing skills.

Utilizing Videos:

Real estate agents in Philadelphia may also create videos of their properties they aim to sell. These videos can be posted on YouTube or other related video sites.

Helps to build your name:

Because people will know about your business services, they will definitely share their experience with others. This may help you to manage the engagement rate for a long time.

The assistance of real estate agents in Philadelphia will help you buy appropriate premises in a breath-taking location. When the housing business is increasing day by day, the demand for real estate experts is also going high. Due to the continuous growth in purchasing and selling process, people prefer to consult with professionals before they finalize the deal.

If you have succeeded in choosing the right one, you will definitely enjoy every single transaction that was previously questionable. As you hire them and their solutions, you can make every single deal with maximum convenience and comfort.

The Lucrative Business of CBD

The business of sales of Cannabidiol (popularly known as Hemp Oil/ CBD I CBD oil is a very lucrative one as stated by https://thesoutherninstitute.com/cbd-merchant-services/. As lucrative as it is, it can also end up being a very frustrating and failed business if care is not taken especially in the area of payment processor. The kind of payment processor will determine your stake in this CBD business. If you go with the wrong payment processor, you have your business at a disadvantage but if you go for the right CBD payment gateway, the chances of your business succeeding are high.

CBD business is seen as one with some level of high risks, thus causing complications in the process of receiving payment when sales are made online. Sometimes, it becomes pretty hard to get a payment gateway that will work with you as most processors can unexpectedly close your accounts. It may even be that your e-commerce platform does not render support for your payment gateway. As a CBD merchant, it is advisable to go for a payment gateway that is suitable for high-risk businesses and that meets your needs.

In picking the best CBD payment gateway, there are some factors you need to consider. Some of them are:

1. Considerable working experience with CBD merchants

When picking the best CBD payment gateway, it is good to know the expertise such a gateway has with CBD eCommerce. A payment gateway relatively new to eCommerce in CBD is likely to lack the skill and experience in dealing with the challenges of eCommerce platforms, payments, regulations and policies.

2. It has a good stake in dealing with CBD businesses

In looking for one of the best CBD payment gateways for your CBD business, ensure that you go with one that has a substantial record of working with other CBD businesses. If it has an already established and on-going business with CBD merchants, then it is a good one. Its dealings with other CBD businesses will give a good ground in being proactive in the provision of innovative solutions, help and services to its new CBD merchants. Since it is a business, you will want to go with a payment gateway that is trustworthy and diligent enough to contribute to your success and that of your business.

3. Provision of extra beneficial services

Some payment gateways go the extra mile in adding smiles to the faces of its CBD merchants through the provision of extra services that are beneficial to them. Little wonders they have been considered as being the best CBD payment gateways. In choosing the best payment gateway, ensure it is one that is reliable for essential services for payments such as chargeback resolution, data security, fraud incidents management and protection. You also ensure that your payment gateway provides you with a unique Merchant Identity (MID) as this helps to show transactions under your CBD business account and not on the processor’s name to avoid confusion among your customers.

4. It offers customization in services

Once you have found a good payment gateway and you have decided to settle with it, ensure that it has the capacity to render supports to your business as it grows and expands. There are some great payment gateways that offer customized support for high-risk business such as CBD. One of such is the T1 payment gateway. It is known to render transactions running in millions of CBD merchants.

Recommended Best Payment gateway

I highly recommend T1 payment gateway. They have all you need a payment gateway for your CBD business.

Importance of keeping your residential address updated with the IRS

Among the many things on anyone’s checklist as they move to a new residence, the most important one that should never be overlooked is updating the Internal Revenue Service about your new address for postal services. This new address you provide the IRS will be known as your last known address. Though it might not immediately make sense as to why this is important, there are quite a number of things that could go wrong if you forgot to furnish the IRS with your last known address. This is especially so for people who are looking to change their business address.

Your last known address

First of all, it is a requirement of the Internal Revenue Code (Section 6212), that the IRS sends the taxpayer certain documents and other notices. Such documents include notice of determination and the statutory notice of deficiency. Because these notices are individually designated, the IRS needs to have the address of the taxpayer’s place of residence. Providing the IRS with your last known address ensures that you always receive such important documents and notices on time, and thus helping you avoid negative consequences of having not been properly informed. Your last known address will always appear on your most recent tax returns. To some extent, this last known address may act as a form of identification, but not independently.

What could go wrong?

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of things that could go wrong if you failed to notify the IRS about a change of residence and your new last known address. Most importantly, you should know that you are always responsible for responding to all notices that IRS sends to the last address you provided them with. This means that if you miss a notice because it was mailed to the residence you moved from, the IRS would still expect you to act upon the contents of the notice. Though some responsibility also lies with the IRS, it’s prudent to maintain a good rapport with the Service. Defaulting on such notices as the notice of tax deficiency due to mailing to a wrong address may lead to a taxpayer accruing penalties on due tax. You could also miss or extend the period of time that a refund takes to reach you.

How to update the IRS with your new last known address

The most efficient way of updating the IRS about a change of address is by using the IRS Form 8822. There is also an option for you to call them directly, or communicate to them in person via word of mouth. However, it is always wise to use official means. You can fill out the change of address form at irs-ein-tax-id.com. The update process takes approximately five weeks. It is also important to confirm the address to which you send your update details. For people who are changing residence to a place outside the country, paying a personal visit to the IRS may come in handy to make sure that you have the process correctly undertaken.

What are Anti-inflammatory Patches

Experiencing pain or soreness might prevent you from giving your best performance when training or during competitions. After training, it is always advisable to have resting time to help your body heal and reducing inflammation on the body tissues. Resting can take several days before regaining full recovery and going back to training.

Thanks to anti-inflammatory patches that will make you recover faster so you can go back to your competitions and training immediately. Anti-inflammatory patches are forms of painkillers used to relieve one from muscle pain,painful arthritis, strains and sprains.

Anti-inflammatory patches have fewer side effects as compared to orally-taken anti-inflammatory medicine. Therefore, it is recommended for use by athletes and those who experiences muscle pain. They are applied to the skin and contain felbinac, ketoprofen, proxican, diclofenac and ibuprofen that assist in the healing process.

About Anti-inflammatory Patches

After training or athletic competition, muscles tear which leads to inflammation. The body needs rest to help heal stiffness and soreness of the muscles. Anti-inflammatory patches will help the body muscles heal naturally within a short time.

Anti-inflammatory patches are made from omega-3, amino acids and turmeric that have healing properties of inflammation. It is always advisable to use the patches during training or competition time. This will allow you to work out for longer periods without experiencing fatigue or pain.

You don’t have to worry about the patch coming out of the skin due to sweating. It is made in a way to stick firmly on the skin without coming out even in the shower unless you decide to remove it. The patches neither causes allergic reactions nor irritation to the skin. Small patches can take up to 2 days before coming out while larger ones take at least 1 day.

How Anti-inflammatory Patches Works

Anti-inflammatory patches works specifically on the areas it is applied onto. Once placed on the affected area, what helps in the healing process gets absorbed into the skin. They then move in areas where inflammation is for instance in the muscles. Pain is then relieved reducing inflammation in the muscles.

The patches are usually prescribed for athletes to extend their workout time. People with strain, sprain and arthritis always have a relief from pain once they use the patches. Sometimes, the patches can be used together with heat or ice to apply pressure on the swollen areas to help reduce pain.

Anti-inflammatory patches works best when the muscle pain is acute. The patches works better than creams or gels. Always avoid placing the anti-inflammatory patches on open wounds and on sensitive areas such as eyes, genitalia, anus, mouth and nose. The patches are of three different sizes; small, medium and large depending on the size of the inflammation.

Benefits of Anti-inflammatory Patches

Using one anti-inflammatory patch works for 24 hours, which is longer than taking tablets. It is also cost-effective, therefore, most people can afford purchasing it. It is safe for use as it lacks chemicals that can have negative side effects on sensitive people. Its results are immediate hence you can’t wait for longer time to feel better.

If you are an active person, one who runs, does sporting or goes to the gym frequently, don’t hesitate to use anti-inflammatory patches for best results.

Getting Closer to Your Dream Home

Where is the one place you are most comfortable? With a lot of people, this is usually home. It is after all where you head after a long day at work to relax and put your feet up without a care in the world. However, finding and buying this happy place is usually a tasking process. Having that in mind, this article aims at educating you on the key basics of buying a home in a bid to ease the process for you. Learn more from liveloveathome.com/listing-agents-philadelphia-pa/ to ease the process These are:Budget and mortgage planLet’s face it, a majority of the population is not rich enough to pay the entire price of a home upfront, hence the need for a loan also referred to as a mortgage. Nevertheless, before taking up the loan you need to set aside a budget in order to estimate how much you can afford to pay back monthly.  To make an efficient budget, you will need to calculate how much you spend each month. These expenses should not include your current rent or mortgage payment since they will be substituted by the new mortgage plan.

The expenses to consider include:

  • Credit card bills
  • School loans
  • House Shopping
  • Car payment
  • Entertainment costs
  • Transport

Literally every dollar you spend. Having done this, subtract the expenses from the income you make and not the gross but net income. The net income is what you get after the deduction of taxes. You should under no circumstance opt for a mortgage payment plan higher than the amount you got after deduction, lest you risk foreclosure.Await pre-approvalNow that you have a budget, go to your bank and put your cards on the table. However, do not go house shopping just as yet because the bank may not approve or may approve a larger loan than you can afford. Waiting for the bank’s feedback ensures that you can meet the offers you make to sellers and it also helps in the negotiations as you already know what you can afford. Have an idea of the house you wantDo you know why shopping takes long other than long queues? Not knowing what you are going to buy before going to the store. You want to avoid that as the more you delay the higher the chances that someone else is closing in on a deal for your dream house.

Here are some of the details that will help fasten your decision:

  • Know what house features you want e.g. the number of bedrooms, how many stories you prefer, bathroom design etc.
  • School and work proximity.

You do not want to live in one state and work in another, do you?

After your mortgage has been approved and you have just the right house in mind, what you now need is a house agent to help connect you to it. A realtor allows for you to go about your business as he/she does all the hard work. Even so, ensure you have a little knowledge of real estate before hiring one so as to ask relevant questions in the interview. This will guarantee that you get to work with someone successfully qualified.Following these simple guidelines will prove highly favorable to you throughout the process and within no time you will be a proud homeowner. Now go get started on that budget.

Why are leggings so popular

Since they appeared in the fashion world, leggings have become so popular over the years. Worn by women of all ages and backgrounds, leggings have shown great potential of being around for a long time. While there are those conservatives who may prefer jeans or other outfits to leggings, the liberal and free-spirited women rock leggings on almost any occasion. So why are they so popular?

1) They are comfortable to wear

For a long time, women were constricted to certain traditional clothes that cover their legs such as dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, among others. Women leggings became a sort of freedom from all those traditional outfits that had their own kind of limitation.

Lularoeleggings.org leggings are quite comfortable to put on and stay in all day. They hug your body in such a comfortable manner that you need not worry about them tugging on things or tearing. Since they are so comfortable they make movement so much easier as one feels so liberated to move about.

2) Come in different colors and prints

As fashion continually evolves, so does the legging design. They appear in a range of plain colors, mixed colors, animal prints, prints of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, anyone and everyone can find a legging that suits their taste. Additionally, because of the numerous varieties they come in, one can have a legging for every occasion.

3) Men find them quite attractive

Aside from wearing leggings as a fashion statement or because of the comfort and freedom they give, women also wear them because they are attractive to men. Leggings show off the curves on a woman’s body making them look more attractive, beautiful and fit.

4) They are great for working out

Leggings hug on to the legs making work out movements easy to do. Additionally they are made from breathable material that makes them suitable for working out and comfortable to break a sweat in.

5) They provide fashion freedom to the wearer

They are easy to put on, can be worn with a lose or a tight tee shirt, a sweater, a short dress, with a sports bra for work outs, or any other top. They give the wearer freedom to wear it with whatever they seem fit; clearly, you can never go wrong with leggings.

6) Made of spandex

Spandex is the elastic synthetic fiber found in most leggings. This material is preferred in making leggings because of its durable and strong nature. Additionally, spandex gives leggings the stretchy nature they have, also making them soft to the touch and comfortable on the skin. Spandex makes the leggings easy and quick to wear. Spandex leggings are preferred by many women as they retain their original size no matter how often they are washed, or worn, unlike the cotton leggings.

7) Can be worn all year round

Leggings come in different types and styles such as denim, leather, spandex, cotton, among others. Each of these can be worn in different occasions based on one’s preference. However, in the cold season, everyone wants to keep warm and remain stylish. Therefore leggings made from cashmere and knit are the warmest clothing and fashionable items to have on during the winter season.

All about fish finders

What is a fish finder? A fish finder is a nonspecific term for an electronic gadget that utilizations sonar (Sound Navigation Ranging) to give an image of what is underwater. It won’t draw you a map where to discover fish, yet it will encourage you to choose if a spot is a decent place to catch fish or not.

Fishfinders arrive in a wide variety of sizes from wristwatch measured units to gadgets which should beA mounted on your boat. Apparently, the smaller the fish finder, the less information will be displayed, so it’s dependent upon you to settle on a decent balance amongst portability and functionality. We’ll take a more critical take a gander at portable and resolved fish finders in another module of best fish finder for kayaks.

How do fish finders function?

To better understand how fish finders function it’s great to cover a few basics first.

A fish finder sends sound waves through water. At the source, these sound waves are narrow and gradually broaden to shape a cone. This is what’s alluded to as a beam. At the point when the beam experiences something “unique” (a strong protest like a fish or a lake base), it bobs back to the fish finder’s transducer which changes over those moment echoes into an image you can translate on display. A portion of the further developed fish finders will have more than one beam, so you’ll get a more precise image of what’s happening underneath the surface of the water as well as a general course of where the fish are (left, right, front, back). A more large cone will give you a more extensive coverage area and is hence preferable over a narrow cone for shallower waters.

In case you’re a recreational fisherman, you may not need dual, triple or side beam alternatives. Of course, on the off chance that you tend to continue fishing outings to various locations you may want the comfort of having those choices to fall back on.

TIP: If you don’t know what number of beams you’ll require later on, for what reason not pick a model that can be upgraded along the way as you discover what works best for you.

On the off chance that fish pass under a fish finder’s beam, it typically appears as an “arch,” which is the means by which the natural sonar come back from fish usually resembles. With time and experience, you’ll have the capacity to tell what sort of fish are in the region based on the type of images you get from a fish finder. For example, moderate moving fish will tend to have thicker arches, while fast swimmers will appear more like a specked arch.

A portion of the more sophisticated fish finders will even have software to take the mystery out of deciphering sonar readings by displaying a fish symbol instead of an arch. It’s dependent upon you to choose if this is something you require. Some fishermen incline toward the challenge of translating sonar returns. Apart from demonstrating fish arches, a fish finder can enable you to discover fish in different ways. Now and again, you’ll have the capacity to catch more fish by learning to utilize these various features than by depending entirely on your fish finder to spot fish arches. You’ll discover more about those in our following installments of Fast Fish Finder Facts.

1) Transducer – an electronic gadget that bobs sound waves off items (like fish or the base of the lake) and believers it into electrical signals that can then be deciphered as an image.

2) Display-where the image gathered by the transducer appears.

Payment Processors that are fine with CBD Transactions

The central goal of every company is to earn revenue from the product! services its sales. Since the revenue is earned by receiving payments for the products offered to the consumers it is essential for the company to offer a variety of payments options to offer customers an opportunity to choose their preferred payments options. With most businesses embracing e-commerce, whereby besides selling products from the stores, products are sold online, flexible payment options are necessary, such as thesoutherninstitute.com/third-party-credit-card-processing-companies-that-work-with-cbd-and-hemp-sellers/.

In an ordinary business setup, options such as the cash and cheque forms of payment work, however, such payments cannot be done online. It is therefore important that a merchant chooses a payment option that allows the customers to make payment for their products online, and have them delivered. However, not all forms of transactions are acceptable to most online payments processing companies. Cannabinoids (CBD) and Hemp businesses are considered illegal by many online payments processing companies, and thus such companies do not accept payments for payments where such products are involved.

While it is a fact that majority of the payment processors do not accept CBD & Hemp transactions, they will hardly inform you until your customer attempts to make such payments to no success. It would be disappointing to the business owner(s) to receive information that consumers could not purchase the products because the payment processing company didn’t accept payment for the products. It is therefore important to ensure that the payment procession company to hire for the service accepts CBD & Hemp payments and thus avoid losing potential customers for lack of a payment option.

One of the key benefits of having a payment processing company that accepts CBD & Hemp payments is that it supports e-commerce and thus customers can use their cards to make payments. Additionally, such companies offer security against fraud and charge back, as they continually identify and close potential loopholes that could be used by frauds to steal from the company.

Nevertheless, caution is required when choosing a company for the CBD & Hemp payments. Some of the companies that claim to support such payments end up using tricks to hide the identity of the kind of business done by the vendor, something that may lead to the closure of your merchant account, leaving you with no option but to completely shut down the e-commerce or find some other merchants. One trick used by such merchants (mostly brokers) is to use an incorrect merchant ID, which disguises a business as another.

However, in the aftermath of such dealings, such tricks are traced and the accounts shut down. To be on the safe side, it is important to inquire if indeed the company processing your payments accepts CBD & Hemp transactions and that your business is registered using the real merchant ID. This saves you the stress of having transactions canceled as a result of failed payments and eventually leading to the loss of revenue to the company.

Why is caring for your lawn so important?

To answer that question, we need to dig a little bit deeper into the basic human needs and the natural processes that are running all the time around you.

Imagine you spend 5 years of your life in your cosy, little apartment. You have a little gym, you are not stagnant when it comes to physical activities and you are a healthy person. Hell, to make it even more spicy, let’s say that you eat healthy food only!

Now let me ask you a question, do you think that if you stay at home with WIFI waves all around you, having no contact whatsoever with the outside world, doing something you LOVE, will you be able to stay happy and healthy over time?

The answer is obviously, no. Why? Because humans are literally made from earth ingredients and need to spend time among the greens. We are a part of the ecosystem that is constantly turned on, but because of people’s ignorance, it’s being taken for granted and not cared for properly. That is of course changing and more and more solutions are being implemented to help our mother earth stay radiant, as so eloquently said by the professionals at discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-services-beavercreek-ohio/.

So why is it that important to have a good lawn care? It’s not only about you and your private lawn, but also lawns in public places, these are especially important. You need to understand the idea of unity between you and nature. If it wasn’t for the conditions, provided by earth for us, we wouldn’t be able to even live here. Lawns are a part of the ecosystem, therefore they contribute to the health of our planet. If they contribute to the health of our planet, guess what, they also contribute to our health, both mental and emotional ( yes, there is a difference

Now that we know that even your private lawn is a part of the whole ecosystem, we know that it affects not only you ( assuming you have a private one ), but also other people around you. Here are some benefits that go along with well cared for lawns:

it’s soothing for everyone – helps you connect with nature – resulting in better emotional balance and decreasing mood swings – it cleanses the air from micro pollutions – it looks good! – enhances your wellbeing – makes you happy – easier for nature ( bugs, bees, etc. ) to move around and do its job

Now, these are only some of the benefits good lawn has on you and the environment. You could talk about safer surface for any physical activities like dancing or working out. You could talk about romantic barbeques with family ( hard to find these ones ) or dinner with your spouse ( ye, that’s more like it ). You could talk about more oxygen for you! There is a lot of it.

Hopefully now you realize how important it is to care for nature, because afterall, while Gaia can take care of herself, we are her guardians. Wake up now and open your senses to what’s around you and you might be surprised of all the wonders you have overlooked.