Dangers of selling your home without the due diligence

Owning real estate is quite a difficult job, especially if you plan to purchase or sell it. With so much at risk during the process, people often talk of carrying out due diligence. What exactly is that?

Due diligence is the period within which the real estate buyers and sellers examine the property to ensure that both the parties are satisfied with the purchasing and selling of the property. If the due diligence is not carried out, it might mean a lot of problem for the buyer as well as the seller.

Therefore, to make sure that the process is smooth and free of problems, sell my house houstoncapitalhomebuyers.com advises that the following steps need to be carried out to do the due diligence. The contingency period for the buyer and seller differs in different states, but on average, the seller has to deliver reports and any mandatory disclosures within a seven-day period. The buyer, however, has about 17 days to obtain the finances and inspect the property.

The seller also made regarding the price of the property and its expected value in the future are realistic. While the buyer needs to obtain finances, the seller as part of due diligence needs to cross-examine the property to ensure that there is no problem. Sellers need to be prepared for detailed scrutiny and should be completely honest with the buyer regarding the property, it’s insurance, etc.

If the due diligence is not carried out on the part of the seller as per required, several problems may arise.


First and foremost, the absence of due diligence on the sellers part may lead to several financial and legal complications. It is important that the seller makes sure that the buyer has the kind of finances required to buy the house. If this is not done, many cases of fraud can emerge that can lead to extreme losses and frustration.


If a cross-examination of the property is not carried out by the seller, it may lead to buyers becoming uninterested in the property and agents refusing to advertise it. Before selling a house, make sure that the house is in perfect shape, as agreed upon with the buyer. If it is not, the buyer may later file a case against or sue the seller. The property may as well lose its value if due diligence is not done.


While selling a house, you will come across all kinds of buyers, some extremely experienced in the knowledge of real estate. To make sure that they do not take you by surprise and buy the property at a lower amount that it is worth, try and get professional help to examine and evaluate the house before you put it on sale.

Selling real estate may not be an easy job, but with due diligence, care and research, sellers may find themselves in a better position to bargain prices, stand the scrutiny of the buyers and sell the property. While some people may get it done on their own, to avoid legal complications later on, be sure to seek professional guidance on how to best sell your house in the area and the requirements associated to it.

Glass Pool Fencing

Currently, the glass pool fencing has become one of the most preferred solutions in regards to pool fencing. Nonetheless, it has long been seen as a very expensive method of fencing that has made the homeowners to be hesitant about it. However, to date, people are going for the glass fencing due to its incredible qualities that are mostly safe and long lasting. It’s an elegant and sophisticated fencing method that provides safety around the pool area. The fence provides a strong and safe area for your family whose maintenance cost is remarkably low.

Fixing method

The fence is mostly fixed through three of the following methods that have long ensured its durability. First, the Standoff fixing is hardware that normally holds away from the glass from the vertical surface. It is mostly used where the pool is against the wall. Secondly, Channel fixing is where channels are fixed in the surrounding pools that are used to hold the glass panels. Spigot fixing is fixed on the ground and the glass that is normally stainless steel designed on top.

Why glass pool fencing:

Trendy and modern

The fencing offers one of the latest styles in the architectural design. The glass panel is clear, unique and allows one to have a good view of the surrounding. The frameless enclosure lets the natural light penetrate the glass panels bringing out the elegance of the property. The value of the commercial and residential properties is increased as well. The glass fencing is suitable for any décor regardless of the color or scheme and will not interfere with your existing style, be sure to learn more at www.ccpoolfencing.com.au.

Good Quality and Low Cost of Maintenance

The glass is strongly made as it goes through 700 degrees heating process and then it is quickly cooled. The glass is concrete and tough enough to withstand heavy weights that could befall it. It’s a perfect windbreaker as it has the ability to withstand strong wind and allow the sun to shine through it. As a result, one is able to enjoy the pool even when it is windy. Likewise, the glass can hardly break due to pressure thus one should not be overly concerned about his or her safety or additional costs due to such breakages. The glass pool fencing has been approved as it meets the safety measures. The frameless systems have a long life and require very minimal maintenance and upkeep.


According to research, children continue to face the risk of accidents and injury around the pools in their homes. Such accidents could be fatal, and the glass pool fencing has enabled homeowners to observe the safety measures around the pools. The pool area is also easily kept clean and maintained and also protected from the unwanted entry such as pets and other animals.

Good View

The glass fencing is advantageous as it gives a person an unobstructed view due to its frameless glass. The fencing makes the fenced area look bigger other than squeezed. The light reflection through the glass makes the area look more spacious hence adding to its beauty.


The glass pool fencing is the one to go anyone seeking an elegant, unobstructed view of the surrounding and safe pool area. It is cost effective as it is durable with low maintenance cost mostly requiring only the day to day cleaning.

A guide of food tours in Rome

Rome offers some interesting and diverse food tours showcasing its exciting Italian cuisine. Indulge in sweet delicacies such as tiramisu and gelato with local food experts, engage in a food sightseeing tour or simply dine in style with one of our tailor-made Michelin star tours. Whatever wets your appetite, Rome will undoubtedly satisfy your taste needs, start here https://www.secretfoodtours.com/rome/ and get ready to explore Rome!

1. If you prefer to shy away from the mainstream tourist path, a tasty tour of Testaccio foods may give you an honest portrayal of Rome’s true authentic cuisine. Highlights include visits to local markets while testing some interesting and exciting street food. Furthermore, the guest will be educated with various information and get a real feel of how the locals prepare and cook Italian food. An unforgettable tour for the bohemian traveler and food lover.

2. For those that have a sweeter tooth, take an espresso walking tour around some of the most famous Roman cafes. Sweet treats include tiramisu and gelato not to mention a wide range of other sweet luxuries. Also, an insight into Rome’s famous artisan coffee roasting techniques will be shown, accompanied by a detailed history presentation from the guide. A final stop at the famous Tiramisu shop is included at the end of the excursion giving the tourist an opportunity to sample and purchase their favorite sweets. This is perfect for small groups, and the tour can be presented in a variation of languages.

3. A Sunday Rome tour can offer food lovers a memorable and unique experience of the city. It delves into the ancient history of Rome with visits to some of the oldest bakeries and kitchens. It also gives tourists a real idea of how the food in Rome has developed over the years. Another highlight of the tour is sampling some of the best street foods from fried artichokes to zucchini. This gives foodies an insight into the Jewish-Roman flavors to test their respective food palettes. During the excursion, various famous Roman landmarks can be seen adding extra value to this particular trip.

4. Involving wine into your food tour could be what you are missing. Many Italian foods greatly compliment a glass of vino with guests being educated in paring foods with wine. This progressive tour gives food lovers a good knowledge of how Roman food compliments the respective wines of Italy with various samples on offer. It is a walking tour that also offers people the chance to see many superb examples of Rome’s fine architectural achievements. A must for food and wine lovers.

5. For those that are lovers of the classic Italian pizza, you could be in for a real treat. This tour includes an informative display presented by the guide on Italian foods from coast to coast without leaving the city. The tour will continue with visits to local markets, sampling fine cheeses, and meats ending with in an educational display in pizza making. Taking place in a traditional pizzeria, lessons are shown on how to prepare the dough properly to applying the topping. Secret tips are provided to assist novices in making the perfect pizza that will satisfy their personal tastes. This is a unique food experience of Rome offering a personal touch to tourists.